• Study standards and test necessary for the import of your products on European soil
  • Realization of product tests with one of our 112 certified partner laboratories in China
  • Submit test report to your name and certified true

Product expertise

We offer our services on a wide range of industrial products :

  • Electric
  • Lighting
  • Plastic technical parts
  • Technical metal parts
  • Consumer goods
  • Interior and exterior decorations
  • Furniture


Technical Audit :

As part of your sourcing, we carry out technical audits of your suppliers in order to :

  • Validate the know-how and production capabilities of the supplier
  • Ensure that the supplier organization and its management policy provide guarantees of price stability and quality
  • Validate the quality policy put in place by the supplier


Benefits :

  • A guarantee of serenity
  • A guarantee on the quality of the supplier
  • A guarantee on the quality of your production
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Ethical audit :

Nowadays an ethical supply chain is no longer optional but an additional selling point. Being able to guarantee the transparency of your entire supply chain has become a major selling point for the consumer.
Social responsibility is an important element in a company’s procurement and marketing strategy, which helps to ensure better product quality, build consumer loyalty and emphasize corporate social responsibility.

GPS Monaco Group offers to support you in this ethical policy requested by the European mass retail sector.

We master both standards :

  1. Social Clause Initiative (ICS), to harmonize standards and eradicate forced labor.
  2. Corporate Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), based on labor standards set by the International Labor Organization and the United Nations Charter on Human Rights, as well as major national and international regulations on human rights

These audits can be performed according to international standards or according to your company’s internal guidelines.

The two ethical audit programs cover the following aspects :

  • Hygiene, health and safety
  • Waste management
  • Work of children and minors
  • Work practices, including forced labor, worker representation, disciplinary practices and discrimination.
  • Working time and remuneration

The offer takes place in 3 stages :

  1. A white audit conducted by one of our ethics audit experts
  2. A review of the recommendations and improvements to be made to the plant to be compliant – At the end of a note “provisional”
  3. A real audit carried out by a recognized laboratory in order to provide your customer or your purchasing department with a real photograph of the social conditions in your factories. This note may be communicated to two ICS or BSCI repositories.

Benefits :

  • Ensure decent working conditions and human rights throughout your supply chain
  • Comply with legal requirements (eg 2015 Modern Slavery Act)
  • Prevent unauthorized subcontracting
  • Have a clear picture of ethical compliance in your supply chain
  • Encourage cooperative relationships with your suppliers
  • Improve your brand image and retain your customers
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